A New Kind Of War

A New Kind Of War

Anthony Price

Language: English

Pages: 231

ISBN: 0445403381

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David Audley no 17

A New Kind of War* takes us back to the Greece and Germany of 1945 - as the old kind of war comes to its official end. Why has David Audley broken the British-Greek truce? And furthermore, why did his brigadier order his actions? Is it just coincidence that Audley is surprised near Delphi by Captain Fattorini of the Royal Engineers? As a result of that unfortunate encounter, Fattorini finds himself in occupied Germany as the newest member of TRR-2: a special Intelligence unit engaged in a dangerous and brutal game. It is not until he at last meets Audley's mysterious brigadier that Fattorini learns the full truth about his own assignment in the ill-omened Teutoburg Forest.
From Publishers Weekly

Set mainly among a group of British Army officers in Germany in August 1945, this new thriller by the author of The Labyrinth Maker exemplifies the truism about war: hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror. Capt. Fred Fattorini of the Royal Engineers, member of a powerful British banking family, wonders why a small English detail breaks the civil war truce in Greece in February 1945. He doesn't find out until he's assigned to that same special unit, called TRR-2, in occupied Germany. Fattorini remains obsessed with the incident, trying to ferret out the truthfrom his "mad" colonel, various fellow majors (his own promotion is a mystery to him) and the boyish, loquacious Capt. Audley. Only after an exercize in lifting a German DP scientist, in which the British double-cross the Americans, does Fattorini discover what is really going on: a British attempt to co-opt high-level German scientists from under the noses of the Russians and uncover a Russian operative in their midst. There are hints of Evelyn Waugh's wartime trilogy and definite tendencies toward Anthony Powell's obliqueness in his A Dance to the Music of Time series. But obliqueness here becomes annoyingly talky, and the tone of anguished cynicism seems stagey. This is not Price's best effort.
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About the Author

Anthony Price was born in Hertfordshire and educated at Oxford. His long career in journalism culminated in the editorship of the Oxford Times. He is the author of 19 novels and has won the CWA Silver and Gold Daggers.





















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