American Journal of Political Science, Volume 54, Issue 4 (October 2010)

American Journal of Political Science, Volume 54, Issue 4 (October 2010)

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Pages: 166

ISBN: 2:00035451

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October 2010
Volume 54
Issue 4
Pages 837-1002

Note: this is the full text of the October issue manually pieced together from the individual articles.

Editorial (pages 837–838), Rick. K Wilson

Valuing Diversity in Political Organizations: Gender and Token Minorities in the U.S. House of Representatives (pages 839–854), Kristin Kanthak and George A. Krause

Inequality and the Dynamics of Public Opinion: The Self-Reinforcing Link Between Economic Inequality and Mass Preferences (pages 855–870), Nathan J. Kelly and Peter K. Enns

Locating Supreme Court Opinions in Doctrine Space (pages 871–890), Tom S. Clark and Benjamin Lauderdale

Strategic Defiance and Compliance in the U.S. Courts of Appeals (pages 891–905), Chad Westerland, Jeffrey A. Segal, Lee Epstein, Charles M. Cameron and Scott

Deciding to Provide: Local Decisions on Providing Social Welfare (pages 906–920), Michael Craw

Unpacking LogM: Toward a More General Theory of Party System Density (pages 921–935), David Lowery, Simon Otjes, Sergiu Gherghina, Arjen Van Witteloostuijn, Gabor Peli and Holly Brasher

Leader Survival, Revolutions, and the Nature of Government Finance (pages 936–950), Bruce Bueno De Mesquita and Alastair Smith

Settled Borders and Regime Type: Democratic Transitions as Consequences of Peaceful Territorial Transfers (pages 951–968), Douglas M. Gibler and Jaroslav Tir

The Strategy of Territorial Conflict (pages 969–987), David B. Carter

The Minos and the Socratic Examination of Law (pages 988–1002), Mark J. Lutz


















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