Captive Heart (BBW Romance)

Captive Heart (BBW Romance)

Adriana Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 76


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Lainey Matthews receives a frantic call from her brother who is being held hostage in a foreign country, she will stop at nothing to rescue him even if that means contacting a dangerous mercenary with a shady past.

But when Lainey comes face to face with Gideon Wolfe, the only man who is willing to help her, it doesn't take long before she is left to wonder whether she might be the one that needs saving...from him.

Adult Content Warning: This is an erotic BBW romance novel that contains sexual content and graphic language.


Gideon's hands started moving over her, tugging her t-shirt up her body. Letting go of him, she raised her hands over her head. The shirt came up over her face, then her arms. Gideon dropped the shirt to the ground.

His eyes traveled over her body for a moment, lingering on her bra-covered breasts, moving lower as he reached for the zipper of her jeans. Lainey watched as he tugged down the zipper, her breath drawing up short as his hands moved to her waist, pulling the jeans down her body.

She rested a hand on his shoulder, wiggling her hips as he lowered the jeans over her legs.

Dropping them on the ground, he straightened, his eyes smoldering as they rose to meet hers. His hands were back on her hips, teasing his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties. A wave of heat washed through her body as he rubbed his fingers over the sensitive skin of her stomach, teasing the garment lower.

Before he could move any further, she grabbed the edge of his t-shirt, tugging it free of his pants. He raised his hands, as she'd done, and she pulled the shirt up as far as she could, standing on tiptoe. He pulled the shirt over his head and added it to the pile of clothes.

With eager fingers she reached for the fly of his pants, undoing the first button. Gideon's hands stilled against her skin and he watched, lips parted, as she moved to the next button. Her fingers brushed against the bulge of his erection and she heard his sharp intake of air. For a moment, she froze, wondering what the hell she was doing.

But then she looked up at Gideon, the sensuous lips curved in a seductive smile, gray eyes dark with passion. And any doubt she had vanished. She didn't care that she was thousands of miles from home, in a dangerous country with a stranger. All she cared about was the heat thrumming through her body, the chance to feel alive again, even if it was momentary. Even if it was wrong.













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