Cargo Theft, Loss Prevention, and Supply Chain Security

Cargo Theft, Loss Prevention, and Supply Chain Security

Dan Burges

Language: English

Pages: 392

ISBN: 0124160077

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

You need to determine your company's risk and mitigate their losses.  There's little information out there that tells you how to do this, on which methods of predicitve cargo theft modeling to use, and how to develop prevention solutions. Part history of cargo theft, part analysis and part how-to guide, this book is the one source you need to in order to understand every facet of cargo theft and take steps to prevent losses.  It supplies a massive amount of cargo theft statistics and provides solutions and best practices to supply chain security. Providing you with cutting-edge techniques so you can prevent losses, this book will help you ensure that your cargo is secure at every stage along the supply chain.

• Outlines steps you can take to identify the weakest links in the supply chain and customize a security program to help you prevent thefts and recover losses

• Offers detailed explanations of downstream costs in a way that makes sense ― including efficiency losses, customer dissatisfaction, product recalls and more ― that dramatically inflate the impact of cargo theft incidents.

• Provides a complete methodology for use in creating your own customized supply chain security program as well as in-depth analysis of commonly encountered supply chain security problems.





















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