Cinefex, Issue 87 (October 2001)

Cinefex, Issue 87 (October 2001)

Language: English

Pages: 148

ISBN: 2:00024482

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cinefex Issue 87 covers a number of behind-the-scenes stories involving the making of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and The Planet Of The Apes, the remake of the classic 1968 movie.

  • After more than two decades of super-secret development by filmmaking legend Stanley Kubrick, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence - the story of a robot-child's quest for a means to become human - would finally see the light of day in the hands of Steven Spielberg, who crafted both the script and the film from notes and artwork left behind by Kubrick upon his death. Spielberg summoned Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervisors Dennis Muren and Scott Farrar to convey onto film new and existing conceptual art of a future world ravaged by the effects of global warming and overpopulated by both humans and their mechanical creations. Spielberg also engaged Stan Winston Studio to design and build an extensive cast of robot characters.
  • Visionary director Tim Burton put his own singular spin of Planet of the Apes, a remake of the 1968 classic, depicting evolution turned on its ear in a world where humans are subjugated by a superior race of apes. The production would boast a stellar team of effects contributors. Cementing his reputation as the undisputed master of simian simulation was makeup maestro Rick Baker, whose Cinovation Studio team would create fourteen principal ape characters, all distinct and different, plus hundreds of secondary and background players. Spearheading the postproduction visual effects, a blend of models, paintings and digital work, were visual effects supervisors Bill George and George Murphy of Industrial Light & Magic.
  • Cinefex (launched in 1980) is a quarterly professional movie special effects magazine. It is among the first dedicated special effects magazines ever produced, at a time where computer generated imagery effects were not as common.

    Cinefex is also among the very few magazines which do not advertise inside material on the cover, though an alternate edition with this feature is also in publication to conform to this guideline among magazine publishers. Cinefex is also one of the few magazines that produces a separate version for subscribers that does not have a bar code printed on the front cover, allowing the cover image to be viewed unobstructed.

    Within its pages can be found lengthy and detailed articles about the special effects (both physical and CGI) of a certain upcoming movie, composed mainly of various interviews with the people involved and coupled with extensive behind-the-scenes photographs. Being a professional industry publication, Cinefex also comprises full-page advertisements for special effects houses, as well as acknowledgements and dedications, such as obituaries.

    "Cinefex conveys to film enthusiasts a passion for special effects once limited only to its technical artisans. Detailed visual coverage and revealing insights into the cutting edge of technology make Cinefex required reading for anyone interested in the new era of filmmaking." - George Lucas

    "Cinefex takes its readers on a dynamic behind-the-scenes journey through the filmmaking process. Its appeal is not limited to special effects aficionados - in a very real sense, Cinefex chronicles the film industry's most fascinating and unheralded realms with compelling journalism and stunning visuals." - Gale Anne Hurd

    "Cinefex is the definitive leader in visual effects journalism. Through refined chronicling of films in the making, it consistently translates the technology with engaging commentary and expert precision. In an industry where reinventing the wheel can be a daily proposition, Cinefex provides an articulate guide to the inside track." - Dennis Muren

    "We are moving toward a time when the only limitation on a filmmaker is his or her imagination. But that will only be true if we stay abreast of the skills and technology the visual effects industry has to offer. Cinefex is the one true source. Read it to expand your vision." - James Cameron











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