Death Knock (Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller series)

Death Knock (Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller series)

Language: English

Pages: 320


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'Intelligent, entertaining, gripping and well-written.' - Ian Rankin

Three hot days in a row and Edinburgh is going a little crazy.

Taking a short cut through a tough housing scheme, Detective Inspector Jim Meldrum finds himself caught up in an ambush by a mob of twelve-year-olds.

And when he arrives at a murder scene, it is with a lump gouged out of his skull and mild concussion.

But that is just the start of his trouble.

The victim is identified as the well-connected city businessman Brian Ashton.

Even with a brooding headache and a bad case of double vision, Meldrum can see this case is a minefield.

And that's before he meets the victim's red-headed widow.

Helped by local academic and crime profiler Henry Stanley, Meldrum begins to unravel the bizarre secrets surrounding more than one sudden death.

Can he catch the killer before death comes knocking again?

Or has Meldrum finally met his match?

Death Knock is a chilling crime thriller that is perfect for fans of Peter James and Peter Robinson.

Praise for Frederic Lindsay

'A complex and satisfying crime novel.' - The Sunday Times

‘One of the most interesting thriller writers around.’ - The Scotsman

‘One of the most potent voices in contemporary Scottish fiction.’ - The Herald

'Lindsay can chill your soul.' - The Listener

Frederic Lindsay was a novelist living in Edinburgh. His books include When The Stranger Came and Ripped.

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