Enochian Magick Reference

Enochian Magick Reference

Benjamin Rowe

Language: English

Pages: 56

ISBN: 2:00279511

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Enochian Magick Reference describes a history of Enochian magic derived from occult methods that Elizabethan scholar John Dee and seer Edward Kelly claimed were revealed from the spirits from 1851 and 1885.
The devices revealed to them for occult use are described.

A history of how others used, developed and changed their system follows. These include
Elias Ashmole
The Golden Dawn Magickal Society
Aleister Crowley
The Aurum Solis magickal order
the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set
The Oder of the Cubic Stone
Benjamin Rowe (the author)

Then follows a discussion of the Enochian magic's relationship to Necronomicon, the book of Enoch, the Apocalypse.
















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