Fallen Timbers 1794: The US Army's first victory (Campaign)

Fallen Timbers 1794: The US Army's first victory (Campaign)

John F. Winkler

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1780963750

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After the formidable Ohio Indians destroyed the US Army at Wabash in 1791, the Washington administration created a new US Army to defeat them. The famous Revolutionary War commander Major-General “Mad” Anthony Wayne organized and trained the new army, and then led it into the Ohio wilderness in 1794. To defeat the Indians, he had to overcome not just the logistical and intelligence problems that had doomed his predecessor's 1791 campaign, but also a conspiracy of officers and contractors led by his principal subordinate, and threatened opposition by British and Spanish forces. On August 20, 1794, Wayne defeated the Indians at Fallen Timbers. His decisive victory led to the 1795 Treaty of Greeneville, which ended 20 years of conflict between the Americans and the Ohio Indians, and opened to American settlement the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.



















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