J. Kent Messum

Language: English

Pages: 195

ISBN: 1405914262

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From award-winning author J. Kent Messum, a serial killer thriller for fans of The Straw Men and The Shining Girls.
For a lucky few, death is merely an inconvenience. With the help of technology the mind can survive long after a body has been laid to rest. This afterlife, however, is far from paradise . . .
Rhodes is a 'Husk'. It's an illegal, controversial and highly lucrative job - renting out control of his body and mind to the highest bidder. It's a sure way to gain a better life, but some clients go too far. Sometimes, he wakes up with scars.
Then the visions start - terrible sights that haunt his waking hours. They could be dreams, or they could be something far worse - they just might be memories . . .
Praise for J. Kent Messum:
'Raw, visceral, powerful ... may just make you question what it is to be human' Nick Cutter
'Pacy and surprising, Husk is a showcase for a wild and frightening imagination' Andrew Pyper
'Disturbing, pulse-pounding and utterly surprising' Megan Abbott, Edgar Award-winning author of Dare Me
'The stakes could be no higher in this crisply written, fast-paced novel that examines the shifting line between right and wrong, good and evil ... Will keep readers turning pages late into the night' Lori Roy, Edgar-Award-winning author of Bent Road and Until She Comes Home
'A powerhouse debut ... A mesmerizing, one-sitting read' Steve Ulfelder, Edgar-Award finalist author of Purgatory Chasm and The Whole Lie

















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