In Other Trenches II: Further Alternate Outcomes of the First World War

In Other Trenches II: Further Alternate Outcomes of the First World War

Alexander Rooksmoor

Language: English

Pages: 220


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

‘In Other Trenches II’, in 15 chapters, continues Alexander Rooksmoor’s exploration on ways in which events around the First World War could have feasibly turned out very differently to the history we know. It considers a wide range of ‘what if?’ topics starting with the war being confined to the Balkans. Amongst others it looks at the German invasion of France in 1914 succeeding; the Italians fighting alongside the Germans; an early surrender of Austria-Hungary; the neutrality of the Ottoman Empire; the failure of the Bolshevik Revolution; the role of French stormtroopers; the absence of the Americans from the war and the impact of the war continuing into 1919 as many had expected.

NOTE: 'In Other Trenches II' DOES NOT contain stories. It has chapters analysing different potential outcomes in history. It is closest in style to the ‘what if?’ collections edited by Peter Tsouras, Robert Crowley, Duncan Brack, Niall Ferguson and Andrew Roberts. It is suggested that you check them out if you are uncertain whether this one is the sort of book you are looking for.

The book draws on Alexander Rooksmoor’s two decades researching, teaching and discussing real history and its possible alternatives. Mixing thoroughly researched historical details and lucid discussion of what might have been it looks at changes from the scale of a battle to an impact on the whole war and in the decades which followed. This is a book that will appeal to anyone with an interest in why such a significant part of modern history turned out the way it did. Fans of alternate history will discover a great deal ‘In Other Trenches II’ to stimulate ideas and generate discussion.




















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