Learning Chef: A Configuration Management and Automation Framework

Learning Chef: A Configuration Management and Automation Framework

Mischa Taylor, Seth Vargo

Language: English

Pages: 365

ISBN: 2:00321774

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Solve configuration management issues in enterprises large and small with Chef, the software tool that helps system administrators unravel configuration problems and explore new avenues in automation, deployment, and orchestration. With this practical guide, you’ll quickly learn the basics of Chef before diving into complex use cases.

Not will this book enable you to solve detailed issues, such as the best way to manage 400 EC2 nodes, but it will also help you understand the changing organizational politics and thought-processes that come with infrastructure automation.

Gain a firm understanding of Chef: Who created it and what problems does it solve?

Set up your workstation and workflow: Installing Chef can be a headache. There's no prescribed workflow that’s useful for everyone.

Write custom recipes: Because every infrastructure is different, you may need to write a custom recipe. Writing good cookbooks is crucial for having a sustainable infrastructure.

Tailor Chef to your infrastructure: Eventually, even custom recipes won't be enough. You’ll want to extend the Chef’s core functionality.
















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