Marvelous afterlife. Paranormal experiences of a medium photographer. (Afterlife - Paranormal stories Book 1)

Marvelous afterlife. Paranormal experiences of a medium photographer. (Afterlife - Paranormal stories Book 1)

Philippe de Ségur

Language: English

Pages: 131


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A major advance in how we see the afterlife through extraordinary paranormal narratives and 83 photographs of hereafter.

Phillipe de Ségur has always seen ghosts, but he had to nearly die before he found his true vocation as an effective and successful medium.

Now called the ‘Medium-Photographer’ by television presenters, he saw his first dead person while still a boy.

Had it not been for his own near-death experience in his early 40s, this ghost hunter might have continued in the safe but confining life of a French civil servant. Instead, he lost his fear of death and found his 'real' purpose, the missing element of his life.

In Marvelous Afterlife, he explains that he needed that brush with death to place his ‘sixth sense’ at the service of humanity.

Calling himself a rational man who believes only in what he can see, he says technical advancements in sound and photography could help expand the little understanding the average person has about the paranormal.

In ‘Marvellous Afterlife’, he shares with you his experiences and ‘paranormal adventures’ with his ability to photograph spirit entities in haunted château and houses.

This book will give hope to those who have been struck by the death of a close one.

This book knows how to feed the curiosity of those who have witnessed or are interested in paranormal phenomena.

"I know that if we measured paranormal knowledge on a measuring tape ten metres long, people on average know less than ten centimetres of that, despite all the information available on the Internet.

Nowadays, the technical means available enable us to see or hear the entities from beyond.

I believe that the current period will see the end of the world as we know it. A scientist with whom I have worked on several documentaries came up with this phrase that has since been used by a TV presenter: “the paranormal of today will be the normal of tomorrow”.

This same presenter affirmed, “You have to be crazy to not believe”."

Philippe de Ségur in Marvelous afterlife

In ‘Marvelous Afterlife: Paranormal experiences of a medium photographer’ you will find and know:

  • How a ghost has saved a child from death.
  • Why some entities are unaware of their death.
  • Why some entities want a picture to contact living people.
  • Many other amazing but authentic stories.
  • 83 photos of entities.
  • A surprise for Michael Jackson fans...

"In all sincerity, this book stands out from the typical banalities published on the Hereafter."

Foreword by Georges Osorio (1926 – 2010), eminent scientific and engineer from the French Centre of Atomic Energy, Member of the New York Science Academy and co-founder of the journal Science et Avenir.

“Even the most skeptical reader will find this book intriguing as the author shares the various ways in which he is able to connect the world we live in with the hereafter.” says reviewer Julie Wein.

Come and share in the paranormal adventures of an extraordinary man who calls himself ordinary and says he only believes in what he can see.

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