Mistress to the Marquis (Gentlemen of Disrepute, Book 5)

Mistress to the Marquis (Gentlemen of Disrepute, Book 5)

Margaret McPhee

Language: English

Pages: 161

ISBN: 0373297467

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"*She may grace his bed, but she will never wear his ring*

They whisper her name in the ballroom's shadows—*the marquis's mistress!* It will take all of Alice Sweetly's renowned acting skills to play this part: smile until it no longer hurts, until they believe your lie, until *you* believe. Pretend he means nothing.

If the Marquis of Razeby thinks he can let his mistress go easily, he is so very wrong. Each night she appears before a rapturous Covent Garden audience, taunting him with her beauty. But Razeby must marry, and while Alice could grace his bed she can never grace his arm.















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