Motherfuckers: The Auschwitz Of Oz

Motherfuckers: The Auschwitz Of Oz

David Britton

Language: English

Pages: 158

ISBN: 2:00156935

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Citizen Kane of bad taste. There's so much evil energy in this book, if it moved next door to you you'd probably get cancer within a week! In the long-awaited sequel to David Britton's first novel, Lord Horror (and Savoy's contender for the 1996 Booker Prize for Fiction) the great horror of modern history is absorbed into the framework of Surrealism, literary fantasy and the darkest children's fiction.

By viewing the Holocaust as a tragicomic carnival of the grotesque, the author offers the reader a vivid, dream-level identification with the era of efficient barbarism.












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