Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)

Nightingale (The Sensitives, Book 2)

Dawn Rae Miller

Language: English

Pages: 180

ISBN: 1481164406

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This copy is from my own retail book from Amazon but when I ran through Calibre to remove the DRM I was left with a AZW3 format so had to reconvert to MOBI preventing me from tagging as retail.

Depressed and confused after her rescue from Summer Hill, Lark Greene trusts no one—not even herself. Cut off from Beck, all she wants to do is fade away and forget everything, but her mother has other plans: she wants to teach Lark how to master her Dark magic and pair her off with a new mate.

Lark is desperate to keep herself from going completely Dark, while also keeping Beck safe, so she allows herself to be drawn deeper into the dangerous, yet glamorous, world of the State. But as the Splinter Group launches attacks to wrest governmental control from the Dark witches, Lark finds herself drawing on her Dark magic more and more.

As her magic spirals out of control, no one around Lark is safe.

Certainly not Beck.

And not even Lark herself.

















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