Oceans Of Fire

Oceans Of Fire

Don Pendleton

Language: English

Pages: 352


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Stony Man is the last line of defence in a new age of terror. The covert ops teams that make up the clandestine antiterrorist group are the elite in the field.

Backed by superior cybernetic and real-time intelligence, the men of Phoenix Force and Able Team strike with relentless precision, fi ghting the worst the world has to offer, whenever and wherever it leads them.

The trail to recapture stolen Russian nukes puts Stony Man on a mission that's turning suicidal. Using covert and hardball tactics, the nukes are traced to a source inside the Middle East, but it's soon discovered that the Arab extremists are merely financiers in an operation laced with wrong turns, double-dealings and the changing face of an enemy clever enough to stay one step ahead. Stony Man is up against a deadly chimera: Russian mafiya, Afghan warlords and a mysterious German corporate magnate whose desire for revenge threatens to wipe America's eastern seaboard off the map.














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