One Wicked Night (Andersen Hall, Book 1)

One Wicked Night (Andersen Hall, Book 1)

Sari Robins

Language: English

Pages: 202

ISBN: 0060575344

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"One Wicked Night of Passion Can Change Everything

To escape her tyrannical father's designs, Miss Lillian Kane gambles her reputation and transforms herself from insipid Miss Wallflower to Daring Sensation, dazzling Polite Society and the opportune attention of a notable marquis in the process. But when her kindly protector is wrongly accused of murder and dragged off to Newgate Prison, suddenly Lillian needs more than a pretty face and a plan. She needs Nicholas Redford, the one man in London who wants nothing to do with her.

Nick is not about to imperil his good name or that of his fledgling inquiry firm by helping a murderous scoundrel elude justice, no matter how enticing the man's mistress. But the exquisite Miss Kane is not as she appears, the dashing investigator soon learns. And it is only after one wicked night of passion that Nick realizes that of all dark places where danger lurks, the most unsuspecting is his heart.





















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