Rivals (Book 2 of The Warden series)

Rivals (Book 2 of The Warden series)

Felicia Jedlicka

Language: English

Pages: 191


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Warden is an inventive urban fantasy series that wields a growing list of dynamic characters and a high standard for plot. The humor, romance, and action is fresh and never cut and pasted from previous books. In a genre that is plagued by vampires, this author endeavors to keep hers in the basement where they belong.


Cori and Ethan’s competition is in full swing when Danato’s irritation for their bickering lands them in the wizard’s den. After a few days and a few long overdue apologies, they start to find a balance between friends and rivals.

Unfortunately, when a job offer outside of the prison lands in Ethan’s lap, Cori is now the one being faced with abandonment by her friend.

With Ethan out of the competition, the only thing standing in her way of the wardenship is a written exam, a bureaucratic nitwit, a less than docile fire-breathing dragon, and a minor prison takeover.

“Cori!” Danato yelled before his body constricted. Waves of electricity crawled around his body like tentacles. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the face of his attacker.


The elementals were out.

Yet another escape attempt by the elementals leaves Danato and his guards at “gunpoint” in the gym. The only two people left to save the day are Cori and Belus.

However, Cori is coughing up blood, and Belus’s straightforward plan of attack leaves her less than confident in their chances of victory. Rather than expedite her path toward death; Cori abandons him for her own plan.

As soon as she figures out what her plan is, she’ll be well on her way to saving the day.




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