Rousseau and the Social Contract (Routledge Philosophy Guidebooks)

Rousseau and the Social Contract (Routledge Philosophy Guidebooks)

Christopher Bertram

Language: English

Pages: 225

ISBN: 2:00230521

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rousseau's Social Contract is a benchmark in political philosophy and has influenced moral and political thought since its publication. Rousseau and the Social Contract introduces and assesses:

*Rousseau's life and the background of the Social Contract
*The ideas and arguments of the Social Contract
*Rousseau's continuing importance to politics and philosophy

Rousseau and the Social Contract will be essential reading for all students of philosophy and politics, and anyone coming to Rousseau for the first time.


...the book is smart, well-written and fair. It is both the best available companion for the first-time reader of the Social Contract and a valuable contribution to the scholarship on Rousseau. Matthew Simpson, Journal of the History of Philosophy

'Bertram gives us an insightful account of Rousseau’s character, an exemplary and charitable commentary on the Social Contract, and a brief but lucid account of his influence on later thinkers... a book which we should read and for which we should give thanks.' - Tony Lynch, Australian Journal of Political Science















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