SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (with free video lessons)

SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (with free video lessons)

Language: English

Pages: 194

ISBN: 1492186716

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are You Desperate To Appease Google? You Are Doing Wrong SEO. Period.

Make Your Business Succeed With SEO That Works...No Matter What Google Does. Get 30 SEO Video Lessons FREE!

This book, SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners, shows the path to insulate your small business from any turmoil with the right kind of SEO. It underlines the fact that you don’t do SEO in a vacuum. You do it to boost your business. You need results for the efforts you make for your business.

As you coast though the easy narrations in the book you realize that much of SEO is pure common sense. That’s a big help because rising above the din of Penguin, Panda, Phantom and their ilk, you learn to focus your SEO efforts that actually benefit over the long term. You come to understand that unlike all other marketing, SEO does not stop after bringing in the visitors. It continues to guide the visitors within the website to inform, educate, and convert them.

»»» Make No Mistake. Your Business Is More Important Than What Google Does. Let SEO Help Your Business.

The critical milestones of your website are not how to escape Google’s wrath every time it updates its algorithm. They are about how to attract and retain the visitors to make your business succeed, no matter what Google does. Accordingly, as you’ll discover, this book lucidly explains the concept of SEO for beginners and illustrates not only what steps to take, but also why to take them. Just this knowledge will protect your website from the future *shocks* of algorithm updates by the search engines.

»»» Tips, References, Video Lessons - All FREE For You!

To help readers understand the critical aspects of search engine optimization, this book has used nearly 170 top SEO tips and references. Many of them are from renowned experts, and are often the results of rigorous studies.

Readers also get free (normally costs $45) lifetime enrollment to the video-based e-learning course titled, SEO Best Practices for Beginners to Start Web Business, created by the author, Partha Bhattacharya. The course has 30 well-explained SEO video tutorials, and will be a great boon for those who prefer to learn SEO by watching video.


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