Stability of Motion

Stability of Motion

A. M. Liapunov

Language: English

Pages: 211

ISBN: 1483253341

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a celebrated Memoire dated 1892 A. M. Liapunov founded modern stability theory and provided a powerful technique to test for it. It is not generally known, however, that about the same time he wrote important complements. They have now been translated for the first time into a western language, and form the topic of the present volume. Academic Press deserves considerable credit for having undertaken this noteworthy scientific task.

We recall that a French translation of the Memoire appeared in 1907, in the Annales de Toulouse and was photoreproduced in 1949 by Princeton University Press as No. 17 of the Annals of Mathematics Studies. Thus the full contribution of Liapunov to the theory of stability is now available to the West.

This volume offers a welcome addition to the growing literature centering around Liapunov’s classical stability theory), and available to the non-Soviet world.











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