Stormrage (The Storm Chronicles Book 2)

Stormrage (The Storm Chronicles Book 2)

Skye Knizley

Language: English

Pages: 277


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A man, hung from a light-post in the center of Death Alley. Nude, tortured, headless and left for half-vampire Detective Raven Storm to find, it's her most challenging case to date. Ever-reliable Detective Rupert Levac and new forensic specialist Aspen stand with her as she attempts to unravel this twisted case, all the while coping with the devastating loss of family and friends butchered in the war against a hidden enemy who will stop at nothing to take Lady Valentina's throne and force Fürstin Raven to kneel by his side.

In the end, one cop will stand alone against the darkness. Darkness should start praying.











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