Succulents II: The New Illustrated Dictionary

Succulents II: The New Illustrated Dictionary

Maurizio Sajeva

Language: English

Pages: 234

ISBN: 0881924490

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The authors earlier collaborated on our bestselling Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary. This new book does not replace the original, which continues to be available, but rather supplements it in several ways. It includes 900 species that were not covered in the first volume, and although it includes some species that were covered earlier, this second volume supplies new photographs that illustrate other aspects of the plant, whether in its habitat or in cultivation. The format of the two books is similar, with brief descriptions accompanying the excellent color photographs. Real succulent enthusiasts will welcome the additional coverage and improved photographs offered by this new volume, which should take its place on the shelf next to the original.











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