Techniques of Safecracking

Techniques of Safecracking

Wayne B. Yeager

Language: English

Pages: 46

ISBN: 1559500522

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Every safe is vulnerable, and once you know how to drill, punch, and peel a safe, it's only a matter of time and determination before those vulnerabilities can be exploited". -- Reflex
No safe is secure, because locksmiths must be able to get inside if the lock breaks. This book ilustrates every known method for breaking into safes, vaults and safety-deposit boxes:
-- Combination Guessing
-- Combination Theft
-- Drilling
-- Punching
-- Peeling
-- Torches
-- Explosives. For all those fortunate enough to have something worth keeping safe, Techniques of Safe-racking is eye opening reading.











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