Terrestrial Astrology: Divination by Geomancy

Terrestrial Astrology: Divination by Geomancy

Stephen Skinner

Language: English

Pages: 151


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is concerned with divinatory geomancy, a technique using sixteen figures composed of dots to foretell the future. This was originally done by marking the earth (geo-), usually sand, at random with a stick or throwing pebbles, nuts, or seeds haphazardly, and later by writing lines of dots on paper. The greater part of the book deals with the history of this art, and there are notes and a bibliography. About seventy pages explain the practice which is based on principles similar to those of the Chinese I Ching. The Greek sources mean by "geomancy" observing cracks in the earth rather than creating chance patterns on oneself. Dismissing Persia, India, and Palestine with good reasons as the country of origin, the author concludes that the Arabs were the first to practice the art. From Arabia it spread through North Africa to the Sahara; second, via the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean to Madagascar; third via Mislim Spain to the rest of Europe.












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