The Anna Meares Story

The Anna Meares Story

Anna Meares

Language: English

Pages: 140


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Anna Meares Story is the story of the grit and determination of a young woman who overcame major life-threatening trauma to realise what she had barely been able to dream about. Olympic track cyclist Anna experienced a career-stopping heavy fall during a time trial at the World Cup in Los Angeles in January 2008, less than eight months out from the Beijing Olympic Games. Falling on the hard, wooden velodrome floor at a speed of 65 kilometres an hour, she suffered a fractured neck, a dislocated shoulder, torn ligaments. She was millimetres away from permanent injury. This book covers Anna's amazing and inspirational recovery to not only compete at the Beijing Olympic Games but to win a silver medal. It is the inside world of an elite athlete, the ups and downs of Olympic selection and her doubts and triumphs along the way.















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