The Chest X-Ray: A Survival Guide

The Chest X-Ray: A Survival Guide

Simon Morley, Laurence Berman, Gerald de Lacey

Language: English

Pages: 380


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Featuring a practical, clinical approach - and written in a quick-access style - this portable, economical reference helps you build a strong foundation in chest x-ray interpretation. Three radiologists with years of clinical and teaching experience present fundamental principles and key anatomical concepts…walk you through examples of classic chest x-ray features that provide subtle evidence of abnormality…and explore a variety of problems and dilemmas common to everyday clinical practice. High-quality drawings and digital chest x-rays - combined with secrets from the radiologists’ toolbox, helpful differential diagnoses, handy checklists, and key references - deliver all the assistance you need to enhance your interpretation skills.
- Provides a strong foundation of essential knowledge for an informed, systematic approach to accurate chest x-ray interpretation.
- Features the work of three radiologists who offer you the benefit of their many years of clinical and teaching experience.
- Emphasizes common errors and misdiagnoses to help ensure correct image readings.
- Presents step-by-step guidance in a bulleted, quick-access format, in short chapters focused on clinical problems, to make it easy to master the information that you need to know.
- Makes difficult anatomic concepts easier to grasp by pairing radiographs with color line drawings.
- Explains the nomenclature special to the field through a glossary of important terms.
- Highlights the most important concepts in diagnosis/interpretation via Key Points in each chapter.



















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