The Dead of Winter (The Hemlock County Novels) (Volume 1)

The Dead of Winter (The Hemlock County Novels) (Volume 1)

David Poyer

Language: English

Pages: 254

ISBN: 1937997413

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

MURDER IN THE DEEP WOODS "It was on that first day of the hunt, an hour after dawn, that the old man found the body of the boy." This classic novel of crime and revenge in deer-hunting country opens on the first day of buck season in remote Hemlock County, Pennsylvania. Long-retired hunter and reclusive hermit W.T. Halvorsen discovers the victim of what at first seems like a hunting accident. After the funeral, the victim's father, Dr.Paul Michelson, begins a search for the killer who shot his son, then walked away, letting him bleed to death in the snow. When Michelson too vanishes, his lover Teresa Del Rosario follows him to Hemlock County, fighting her growing fear he has murder in mind. As terror stalks the deep woods, Halvorsen pits his tracking and shooting skills against those of his human enemy in a deadly cat-and-mouse game deep in the Kinningmahontawany Wild Area. An epic tale of justice, survival, and two utterly determined men hunting each other through the snow-shrouded hills and ravines in the greatest blizzard in twenty years. Hemlock County is Poyer's fictional re-creation and evocation of the country and people where he grew up. There are four books in the series. They were first published in this order: The Dead of Winter, Winter in the Heart, As the Wolf Loves Winter, and then Thunder on the Mountain.













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