The Devil's Lady

The Devil's Lady

Deborah Simmons

Language: English

Pages: 299


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bid by King Edward to marry one of his knights, Aisley de Laci hopes to

avoid the altar by choosing Baron Montmorency. 'Tis a union she is

certain none will endorse, especially the baron, who is rumored to

practice the dark arts from his isolated keep.

Renowned in battle, the Red Knight has secluded himself at Dunmurrow for

reasons of his own. And he does not want a wife, no matter how wealthy

and beautiful she might be. But even he cannot defy the king's order,

and what comes to him, he takes—and holds.

Although Aisley refuses to believe the tales that make Montmorency more

myth than mortal, she begins to wonder whether he does possess

mysterious powers. How else to explain her own growing feelings for her

husband, a man so shrouded in shadow she has never seen his face?

Was she under a spell or truly the Devil’s Lady?

A full-length novel originally published by Harlequin Books.

"a solid and sensual medieval adaptation of one of the great love stories, complete with some good plot twists." - The Historical Romance Critic

"Deborah Simmons guarantees the reader a page-turner." - Romantic Times

















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