The Gilded Nightmare (Pierre Chambrun Mystery, Book 5)

The Gilded Nightmare (Pierre Chambrun Mystery, Book 5)

Hugh Pentecost

Language: English

Pages: 106


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Nazi’s widow comes to the Beaumont Hotel with death in her entourage.

As befits the manager of New York’s finest hotel, Pierre Chambrun has certain standards for his guests at the Beaumont. Were it not for the pleading of the hotel’s owner, no amount of money could persuade him to allow the Baroness Charmian Zetterstrom a room. She is the stunning young widow of a Nazi war criminal; her husband was an infamous sadist who escaped before the fall of the Reich to live out the rest of his days in hedonistic isolation on a Mediterranean isle. Off the island for the first time since the war, the baroness comes to New York with an entourage of misfits, and mayhem follows. The first victim is the baroness’s dog, which is savagely murdered by an unknown hand. The next to die will be human, forcing Chambrun to identify the killer, or risk having his hotel destroyed by the vindictive ghosts of the fallen Reich.












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