The Hunter-Gatherer Way: Putting Back the Apple

The Hunter-Gatherer Way: Putting Back the Apple

Ffyona Campbell

Language: English

Pages: 85


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Whether you're interested in green issues or in a philosophy for the future that really works, this book is for you.

The author returns from hunting with the Aborigines to learn how to become a hunter-gatherer in Britain.

As she learns to find wild food, she discovers a forgotten path we used to take which fits us perfectly into the eco-system. On this path we lived like kings without destroying anything at all. "All you have to do to find the path through 4,000 years of progress and development, is to think in a different way."

She also explores through the unsolved mysteries of our past to find out what really happened to separate us from Nature and the way of life we loved most.

At a time when so many people are looking for alternatives, The Hunter-Gatherer Way is the only way of life that is proven to work on all levels and for all time.

'Full of information that is truly amazing and totally wonderful.' Isabel Carlisle, educator and former art critic for The Times

'I loved every single page of this book. It was an enriching experience and felt like a priviledge to read it. A pure glow is present in the writing.' Tom Jones, London

'The best piece of female intuitive writing I have ever read. Nobody has written a book like this. The thinking is as clear as a mountain stream.' Phil Sheardown, Canoe Adventures, Totnes

'I am simply nourished to read this book.' Laura Newman, Totnes

'This book is an absolute triumph and just what the world needs.' Greg Meanwell, homoeopath, Totnes

'The last part, The Ring of the Wild Food Year, has completely blown me away. So beautifully written, it speaks to my heart and stirs my wildest lifestyle fantasies. I long to have this knowledge and these skills.' Jax Higginson

'A fantastic read. The writing is as fresh as a shower of rain. Ffyona has a unique way of facilitating and empowering people to think in a completely different way.' Simone Wilkie, artist, Shaktiart, Totnes.

'This book is a little treasure, a refreshing gem of intuitive insight and reflection, a pleasure to read and a wonderful contribution as we all tread our own individual and collective wild journeys.' Fergus Drennan, Wild Man, Wild Food.

'Quite simply it is an authentic voice of a deeply intuitive and thoughtful individual who has carried her share of burden the better to attach herself to mother earth with a straight back and a clear gaze into the future. It is also a book for men, written by a woman. There are some uncomfortable ideas that need to be accommodated in man-dom.' Rory MacPhee, Falassa, Cornwall

'After reading this book, I can feel my hormones coursing through my blood, I feel very juicy with the wisdom I can feel emanating from the words, from the experiences. I need to talk about this with other women. It makes me feel connected. It's a missing link. It makes so much sense. This book is going to be very, very popular. People will read it and share it and it will become a household name." Laura Newman, Infinity Parenting, Totnes

'It's so full of original thought. Most books you read will have some new ideas but mostly you'll have heard them all before. But this book is just original thought from beginning to end.' Caroline Snow, Totnes

'This book is a rich clear look at our essential nature and the ever nourishing interconnected web of life. A very inspiring and deeply beautiful book, so needed.' Hannah Pearson

'A gentle and down to earth synergy of keen observations, tested theories and the lost art of common sense. Thank you for your patience, love and curiosity for all that our earth offers and willingness to share your valuable wisdom and insight.' Terra'Mer Lalirra

'An extraordinarily perceptive, intelligent and intuitive book.' Miranda Day, MA (hons) Oxford

Read it, it will open up your life.



















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