The Wald (The Wald Chronicles, Book 1)

The Wald (The Wald Chronicles, Book 1)

Jason Born

Language: English

Pages: 289

ISBN: 1489534830

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Two worlds on vastly different tracks collide in the first book of Jason Born’s new series called The Wald Chronicles.

The Wald begins in 16 B.C. when the belligerent Sugambrian tribe leaves their beloved forest to cross the Rhenus River into Gaul. While on their foraging rampage meant simply to gather supplies for the coming winter, they cross paths with the Roman Fifth Legion. An ever-so brief battle ensues. Though short, this encounter will set in motion a conflict lasting more than two decades with the tribes struggling under the might of the professional legions. The outcome of these wars, in forthcoming works, will prove to have lasting repercussions. In fact, we still feel them today in the global order.

The Wald is chock full of heroism, brotherhood, adventure, wit, and even history. Read it today to find out how tribesmen Berengar and his friend Ermin will fare against the likes of Drusus, Tiberius, and Augustus.

















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