William Collins: Poems

William Collins: Poems

William Collins, W. B. Hutchings

Language: English

Pages: 159

ISBN: 2:00263747

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

William Collins’s life and literary career were short, sadly affected and prematurely ended by illness. But his works, notably the volume of odes published in 1746 and his elegy on the death of fellow-poet James Thomson, are sufficient to establish him as a major poetic voice in a key period in the development of English poetry. By choosing the ode as his preferred form and by using imagery and personification as his primary vehicles of expression, Collins made one of the most significant contributions to the establishment of lyric poetry as the truest poetry. For this, he has often rightly been seen as a direct influence on such later poets as Keats, but his work deserves to be read and enjoyed for its own sake.

















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